Our Story

Marizelle & Vernon, met at work. She was slaving through her internship by waiting tables, while he was cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

He immediately noticed the pretty new waitress, but was to shy to even say 'hallo'. At first, Marizelle only saw a sweaty chef with long curly hair, but through their crazy work schedule, she got to know the real man behind the stove.

One morning, when shift started, Vernon took a rose from one of the table settings, calmly gave it to Marizelle, and walked away without saying a word. By that evening he eventually worked up the courage to ask her for her BBM pin. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship which quickly turned into a blooming romance. Life together was real good.

1 year later, a nervous Vernon asked Marizelle's parents for her hand in marriage. He then took her for a picnic (one of her favourite things to do), and after a few sips of wine, he got on his knee and ask her to become his life long partner. Of course she screamed ... YES!

It's now been 2 years after that memorable day and the 2 finally decided to wed.